The Elite Tea Box – Corporate


Made for the ones who adore tea, featuring three of our elite teas to give tea lovers moments that run over endless cups of tea. An exquisite collection of teas curated to enhance your tea moments with an elegant infuser to complete this gift box.

  • 15 Days Pack
  • 30 Days Pack
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  • White Tea

Most tender buds, delicately plucked and minimally processed, with an extraordinary subtle and soft aroma giving an enchanting and pleasing taste. The delightful clonal hints and exemplary mellowness makes this a connoisseurs choice to relish this season.

-Better Dental Health
-Helps Combating Skin Aging
-Reduces Insulin Resistance
-Lower Risk of Osteoporosis

  • Oolong tea

When you nurture a leaf in the most intricate way possible so that what you get is a delicate, handcrafted tea with the best of its essence, you can call it nothing but Oolong tea. The tea which proudly balances between the matured blacks and subtle greens.

-Helps relieve eczema
-Improves brain function
-Improves sleep
-Decreases vascular inflammation

  • Earl Grey

Made by combining a smooth and sweet black tea with the citrusy bergamot oil. This tea never quite goes out of style because of its flavors – sweet, creamy and citrusy.

-Helps Weight Loss
-Enhances digestion
-Protects your heart from cholesterol
-Fights cold

  • Infuser
  • Spoon



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