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We Love Tea !

Our Freshly Brewed Story

For almost a decade we lived in a world of coffee shops serving best coffees, We needed a place to serve best teas.

We needed a place with a friendly, positive and stress free vibe. A place where we can feel happy and comfortable, which can serve good Teas, Coffees and freshly prepared food.

And that is how Tea Pea Cafe was born.


Continental Food

Every order is freshly prepared using the best quality ingredients

Pizza | Pasta | Burgers | Fries | Nachos | Salads | Sandwiches

Maggi | Breakfast | Breads

Maa Ke Haath Ki Chai

Brewed with the freshness of lemongrass and spices to make it remind of you of Maa ke haath ki chai !

Virgin Mojito

A perfect cooler for the typical Indian weather with the freshness of Indian mint

Pink Sauce Pasta

A creamy, cheese and tangy sauce to satisfy your taste buds

Italian Legacy Pizza

A Pizza you will find nowhere else, our Italian sauce makes it creamier and loaded with veggies.

Cold Coffee Bourn

A classic infusion of coffee and bournvita to make you moan with every sip

Watermelon Peach Blossom

A perfect fusion of watermelon and peach to cool down the summer heat

Aflatoon Sandwich

Living upto its name, Aflatoon sandwich is prepared with burger patty, fries, veggies, caramelized onions.

Veg Mayo Burger

A burger with less mayo is not a burger !!!! try this yummy burger, a sweet and spicy treat

They All Love Our Vibe

Over last 7 years, we have got tremendous love and affection from our customers. They love to spend time at our cafes, they love all our food and beverages

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